Over the past 15 years Ken has excelled as a gym and studio owner, training and development lecturer as well as a strength and conditioning coach.

Working across all levels of fitness, Ken specialises as a Functional Movement, Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Weight Management expert. With a background in various massage techniques including sports, remedial, trigger point, relaxation, therapeutic and craniosacral therapy, Ken has a thorough understanding of the body and how it moves in response to training.

Ken’s focus and personal passion extends to Natural Body Building, with personal achievements that include; NSW & SA State Titles, Australian National Titles and a placing in the International Olympia.

Currently working as international lecturer in exercise rehabilitation, sports performance, strength & conditioning and elite kettlebell training, Ken is at the forefront of the latest developments, research and findings in the sports, training and fitness realms.





April takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, with a strong focus on building a foundation of mind body connection to create more effective workouts and positive lifestyle changes. Her passion is helping people develop a strong mindset which can then cross over into other aspects of their life.

April has a varied background which includes food manufacturing, the Australian Army, mindset coaching and behavioural analysis, which she draws on to help her clients achieve optimal performance.  

APRIL Dickson

With James you will learn new healthy lifelong habits, increase mobility, have proper technique and how to push yourself to achieve more with your body than you ever thought possible.

With over 5 years’ experience James has achieved fantastic results with his clients. Be it your best beach body, becoming a bodybuilding champ, such as he is, or just being fit for the kids, James has the knowledge to get you there.


Emily is originally from the UK and started off her career as a professional dancer.

She performed around the world before moving to Australia to further my yoga practice and fitness studies. Emily has recently become a Barre Attack instructor which combined with her background in dance and high intensity training allows her to create dynamic and fun sessions for clients.

Emily has a great understanding of the body and a passion for graceful movement focusing on functional fitness as a key component to any training session.

EMILY Rogers



SAM Harding

Kate has over 15 years’ experience in the both the health and performance industries.

As an actor and presenter formerly based in New Zealand Kate was the go to PT and Bootcamp specialist for well-known actors and performers.

Whether your goal is mobilization, rehabilitation, endurance, fat loss or strength gains, she’ll help you form a plan to get there, show you the ropes, and be your greatest cheerleader along the way.

HUON Feitscher

I have a Masters in Phy.Edu. and Sports and a Pre-Doctorate Degree in Phy.Edu. and Sports with Exercise Physiology as my specialization. I am an ASCA level 2 Certified Strength and Conditioning coach. I have been working with International athletes for the past ten years and recently moved to Australia to continue practicing personal training. I would like to share my experience and knowledge with clients to achieve their fitness goals.

Sam has been developing his skills in health and fitness extensively over the past 5 years and is highly motivated in helping individuals achieve there highest level of health and wellness. His passion is to educate and equip people with tools necessary to achieve optimal results.

I offer the complete solution to your health and fitness needs, encompassing the mind and body. Sam specialises in bodywork, weight loss, postural bio-mechanics, strength and conditioning, motivation, functional nutrition.

I've been in the industry of training people for 30 years, Martial Arts and mainstream health and fitness. I've trained under many teachers who I would credit with the values and thought process that I use to train people with, Pavel Tsastouline who bought kettlebells to the world. Ido Portal best movement man in the world!

I've believe in using bodywork and correcting movement patterns to achieve optimal performance.